Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Friday

I only have about a month's worth of rent on Pokerstars and Absolute, so I'm still going to be able to eat at the end of this year...  I hope everything will end well, and I particularly hope that those who need this money to live on will be ok.

But financials aside, this is a deep blow.  Not only does it personally harm each of us, but it harms friends of ours, or at the very least, people we respect.  People who don't understand what we do, are criticizing us as if we're criminals.

One of the greatest problems, however, is the lifestyle they attacked.  I was looking forward to the SCOOP, but who knows if there is even going to be one.

I hope this gets resolved and everyone gets their money and we get to continue playing poker.

We need some run-good... now if ever.

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